Taking environmental awareness into consideration, we are committed to conserving natural resources.

Recycling Training Sessions

One of our most important steps towards increasing environmental awareness is offering our company as a place for education, similar to a school venue, to students.

We conduct technical tour programs at our recycling facility at a very intensive pace. From preschools to universities, separate slide and video presentations tailored to their levels are provided to students in our training rooms.

Recycling Collection Efforts

Our company collaborates with Küçükçekmece and Başakşehir Municipalities under protocols signed following the Packaging Waste Control Regulation. As part of the implementation plan, we conduct collection efforts for packaging waste separation at its source in all residential areas, site and apartment managements, schools, public institutions, hospitals, hotels, organized industrial zones, markets, sales points, and shopping centers.

We have put these efforts into action with the aforementioned implementation plan, and we have developed a phased program to raise awareness about source separation and achieve the desired tonnage targets.


Our school, which started its operation in the 2007-2008 academic year in its new building, consists of 24 classrooms, 1 Science Laboratory, 1 Computer Laboratory, 1 Library, and 1 Conference Hall, with a capacity of 1300 students.

Environmental Management System


Our Production Awards

The DenizTemiz Association/TURMEPA has awarded our company for producing with clean technologies that do not harm nature, our seas, lakes, and rivers.


Treatment Facilities

Flue Gas Treatment Plant

Our facility is designed to purify pollutants in waste gases. The system involves spraying neutralized water, ready for reaction, onto the waste gas via nozzles within the tower. This process results in releasing gas into the atmosphere below discharge limits and transferring acids formed by the gas-water contact to respective tanks where they are aerated. Subsequently, the formation of gypsum is facilitated through a reaction with slaked lime, and it is removed from the system, ensuring the circulation of clean water with adjusted pH back into the system.

Our process consists of a fluidized bed steam boiler, a wet, unfilled type of treatment tower for treating flue gases, circulation pump, final washing pump, blower, reaction, settling, pre- and post-precipitation pools, lime silo, and related equipment.

Biological Treatment Plant

Our treatment system involves the breakdown of organic matter in wastewater by aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, transforming it into new microorganisms, thereby cleansing the water, and releasing energy through biogas formation. Our process includes flotation (krofta), conditioning tank, anaerobic stage (IC reactor), aerobic stage (aeration tanks), air blowers (blower), sedimentation tank, sludge thickening unit, sludge dewatering (decanter) stages, and equipment.

From our facility operating at 100% efficiency 24 hours a day, samples taken periodically indicate that pollution parameters remain below discharge limits.


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